10 ideas for an unusual and successful first date

Are you tired of the traditional evening drink, the boring dinner that drags on and the movie outing is out of your league? How about going off the beaten path on your next date? Expo, escape room, cooking workshop… We give you our alternatives for an original and successful first date!

Today in Belgium, the chances of the sun showing up on the day of your date are infinitesimal. You have, at the very least, a better chance that your date will propose to you on the spot. But don’t let the gloomy weather spoil this first contact, which is often decisive for the future. Rather than mourning the summer that passed too quickly, we think of the equally nice alternatives that are available to us when the weather fails us.

Go see an exposition

Do you want to learn something new while getting to know your new crush? Let’s go to an exhibition! Be careful, we didn’t say a long and wide visit of an entire museum! In which case, this first date with cultural accents will immediately look like a boring school trip. So we choose a vernissage or an exhibition (general public or specialized, depending on the subject) and we walk around discussing the works and life. Whether it’s about photography, sculptures, paintings or the opening of a new gallery, art is a topic of discussion that easily allows us to learn a lot about the person with whom we are chatting.

If you have a certain sensitivity to art, love museums and are eternally curious, you will feel like a fish in water.

Playing the groupie 

Another option, much more rocking this time: the concert! Whether it’s folk, pop, rap or even classical music, this is the time to check that your tastes are in tune. In addition to being quickly fixed, going to a concert is also the perfect alternative to the traditional “flat movie/drink date”, which we can’t stand anymore. By attending a concert, you can quickly spend two hours with good music in your ears, a drink in your hand and a smile on your face.

The music lover, of course, but also the shy person who, thanks to the music, will not feel obliged to make conversation all the time.

Participate in a cooking workshop

What if, instead of opting for the traditional dinner in a restaurant, we decided to make a recipe ourselves? More original, more fun and above all more collaborative, this option will allow us to put on the chef’s apron for an evening while elaborating and tasting delicious little dishes together. It is often said that the stomach is the second brain of man, for us, it is also the second heart. All we need is one bite of a perfectly mastered dish to be conquered. And let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who plays the virtuoso of gas pianos! Beware of the little stain of sauce on the nose that can quickly degenerate…

Which crush is it for? Clearly, the king of the spatula will feel comfortable on a date like this, but it’s not just for chefs. Taking a guy who doesn’t touch anything in the kitchen can often be a lot of fun too, especially if your skills are as poor as his.

Laughing together at a stand up / improv show

Afraid of long silences in the whites of your eyes? How about letting a team of professionals lighten the mood? In addition to taking away all the pressure, laughing releases endorphins that will make us even more relaxed! So, we rush to cafe theaters, improv games, vaudeville performances for a good dose of humor. In the end, what if loving was not looking together in the same direction, but laughing together about the same things? But even if you are a great lover of dramatic art, you should not invite your crush to a performance of Antigone…

The funny guy, the one who is comfortable with himself and who doesn’t take himself too seriously. That said, a man who is a bit reserved could also get out of his shyness thanks to this kind of date.

Walk in a park/wood/forest

If it’s summer, this is by far one of our favorite dates! We stroll in a park, we chat, we take a picnic with us and we settle down to nibble on the few dishes nicely laid out on the checkered tablecloth. It is bucolic and idyllic! But let’s not panic at the idea of not seeing the beautiful days show up before next year, because autumn has nothing to envy to the summer period. The trees are decked out in shimmering colors, the leaves rustle as we pass by, the harvesting of nuts… it’s also a magnificent setting for a stroll with your future soulmate.

It is for which crush? Honestly, who doesn’t like to walk outside?

Challenge yourself to a game of pool/baby football/arcade games

No one ever really loses his or her childish soul… And the first date is finally a good excuse to play the teenager. So you take your date to a bar that looks like a temple of entertainment where you can challenge him to a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Who’s your crush? The competitor with a child’s soul.

Playing tourist

When you travel abroad, the country you know least about is your own. Whether you decide to play tourist in your own city or in another, it doesn’t matter as long as you (re)discover places that you thought you knew by heart. Strolling in the small streets, testing a restaurant blind, visiting a monument… Learning and discovering together, what could be better?

Who’s your crush? The one who likes to try new experiences and who is always ready to go, no matter what the proposal is.

Participate in an escape room

Before jumping headlong into this original meeting proposal, you have to examine your own conscience: “Am I really a good loser? This question is crucial because it is (even if it is hard to hear for some) possible that you will lose. Since the escape room is an immersive experience in which players have to solve puzzles to get out of the room, it is best to have a sense of fair play and teamwork. You don’t want to come out mumbling to your date all day. This activity can be really fun if the people involved take it as a fun challenge, not as if you’re playing for your life in this game.

Who’s the crush? The gambler, the one who is willing to pay for a few hours of fun!

Take a trip to a wildlife park / aquarium

Some people love it, others hate it, but the aquarium and the animal park have a way of making us fall back into childhood. Be careful, we are not talking about places where animals are locked up in tiny cages, but spaces where animals are collected, well treated and if possible released afterwards.

For which crush is it? the one who worships his cat, who is a fan of his dog or the one who could live on a deserted island surrounded only by animals

Take a trip to a funfair

The funfair is the ideal place to fulfill all our childhood dreams and imitate the American romantic comedies that we watch on Sunday nights in guilty pleasure mode. We take a ride on a merry-go-round or a Ferris wheel, we offer ourselves a cotton candy or a love apple, we try to win a huge and ridiculous stuffed animal… In short, we offer ourselves a perfect cliché date!

Which crush is it for? The one who secretly dreams of this kind of date since childhood!

What do you think?

Written by Isla

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