5 productive things to do in under 10 minutes

The hours are flying by, the days are flying by and you feel like you’re not 100% productive? Don’t worry, here’s a list of 5 easy things to accomplish in a very short time!

1. Organize your mailbox

We all found ourselves one day confronted with an overflowing inbox of unread emails and unopened newsletters… So we take a few minutes to clean up, sort our emails by categories (personal, work, etc…) and unsubscribe from newsletters we no longer wish to receive (nothing could be easier, just type ‘unsubscribe’ in the search field of your inbox!)

2. Save your photos

In the digital age, we usually store all our photos on our phones or computers. However, nobody is safe from a bug that would make him lose all his favorite pictures. The solution? We invest in a large capacity hard drive or in an online cloud subscription and we back up our photos, videos and others once a month on it in order to avoid losing everything in case of problem!

3. Write down important dates in your agenda

Between the restaurants organized by email, the events we RSVP to on Facebook and the important dates written down on a piece of paper, we quickly get lost. However, it only takes a few minutes to write down all the events you should not forget in your agenda, whatever it is! Think of using a color code to quickly identify your different appointments of the week or month, it really simplifies life!

4. Update your Linkedin profile

It’s not always easy to keep your Linkedin profile up to date… Whether you’ve recently changed jobs, completed a new project or acquired new knowledge, take a few minutes to update your profile. Don’t forget to change your profile picture if it’s not really up to date anymore and don’t hesitate to send recommendation requests to your colleagues directly from the site!

5. Sort out your portfolio

You’re running from one place to another all day long and you tend to pile up your receipts, parking tickets and loyalty cards in your wallet in a hurry? Then take 5 minutes to empty it completely (yes, completely!) and to put away, even eliminate, the superfluous. That way, no more time wasted at the cash register trying to find your coupon!

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Written by Isla

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