Blue Monday: 4 tips to avoid a slump

Want to escape Blue Monday, the post-holiday blues? Adopt this little ritual to get through it with a smile.

Nicknamed Blue Monday by the British, the third Monday of January is considered the most depressing day of the year. The reason? The convergence of several negative parameters such as the beginning of the week, the salary of the month not yet fallen, the bad weather, the debts of Christmas, the stop of the good resolutions… Badly prepared, it is the depression assured. In his book ‘Les 4 saisons de la bonne humeur’ (published by JC Lattès), Professor Lejoyeux gives some tips to avoid it…

Find an anti-depression music

“One of the best natural treatments for the soul and the body. If you want to act on your good mood, it’s best to expand your catalog of composers a bit.” One of the most stimulating works that reduces stress and pain? Mozart’s. Including the Sonata for Two Pianos, Kochel 448; Don Giovanni: Finch’han dal vino; or The Turkish March under the fingers of Vladimir Horowitz.

To read: “I write therefore I heal

The musical instrument that has the most beneficial effects on good mood? The drums. Jazz drummers help to chase away moments of anger and irritation. The best record to stimulate thoughts and emotions? Moanin’ by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, to be listened to for 10-15 minutes in the morning and at night in a chair. Invigorating effect guaranteed.

Wake up half an hour earlier

Are you more of an ‘evening person’? Then you should know that you are more susceptible to winter blues. Why is that? Because you have less resistance to the lower light levels and shorter days. The good news is that being a ‘morning or evening person’ is above all a matter of habit, culture and… melatonin cycles (the hormone that regulates wakefulness and sleep).

The best way is to reinforce your morning tendency by going to bed half an hour earlier, and waking up half an hour earlier as well. A way to adapt your melatonin cycle to darker days. Too hard? Start in ten minute increments…

Adopt the emotional touch

To practice this English technique, all you need is a blush (makeup brush). You can practice it alone or with a friend. Place the blush on the inner side of the forearm. Without looking at it. After three seconds, move it to a different spot. Lighten the pressure as you go along.

This touch can awaken emotions and reduce the fear of pleasure. It also stimulates dopamine, the molecule of energy and action. Is it easy? Not as easy as it sounds: depressed people can’t stand it!


Force yourself to walk six minutes daily outside. But also expose yourself to at least one hour a day to light (preferably natural light, but artificial light will do), to boost your serotonin level, the good mood hormone. Anti-Blue Monday effect guaranteed!

Related benefit: it reduces the feeling of hunger, by limiting ghrelin, one of the molecules that artificially maintain the feeling of hunger.

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