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Green Juices: tips and tricks!

Winter is coming and with it the desire to stay snuggled up at home and refocus on the well-being of our little family. There is also the desire, so understandable after the whirlwind of the vacations and the beginning of the school year, to get back to our proper weight, beautiful skin, full fitness… Let’s be happy: for each of these desires, there is a green juice!



A green juice is a drink made of 100% raw fruits and vegetables. Unlike a smoothie, which is sweeter because it contains only blended fruits, green juice is prepared in a juicer or a juice extractor.

A green juice is composed of at least one cruciferous vegetable (cabbage, broccoli, radish, etc.), a green vegetable and a fruit. You can then add whatever you like, depending on your taste: mint, fresh basil, ginger…

We can’t wait to let our imaginations run wild, but before we start making our homemade juice, let’s go over a few tips and tricks we need to know to make sure we get it right!


  • To preserve all the vitamins in fruits and vegetables, it is better to use an extractor rather than a centrifuge. This way, the food will not be heated and will keep all its properties.
  • Green juices are both detoxifying and antioxidant, thanks to their high chlorophyll content.
  • Green juices should not replace a meal! Their protein content is too low.
  • Remember to adapt the number of fruits to your needs. Too much fruit can raise your insulin level. Stick to one or two pieces of fruit, but use and abuse vegetables!
  • Nutrients are better absorbed on an empty stomach, so if you’re a morning person, go for it! And don’t forget to drink your drink more than 30 minutes after preparing it. For the “evening girls”, there are also green juices made for you…

Other TIPS:

  • If the taste of the spinach seems too harsh, erase it with the juice of an apple.
  • If you miss the sweetness, add the juice of a pear.
  • If the consistency of your juice seems too thick, squeeze an orange.

And what do we put in it?

  • Kale contains more calcium than milk.
  • Pineapple contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that aid digestion. It is also full of vitamin C which helps fight flu-like conditions.
  • Kiwi contains bromelain, which eliminates subcutaneous water.
  • Carrots improve the immune system.
  • Cucumber is recommended for its silicon content, which improves the health and complexion of your skin.
  • Watercress increases the production of red blood cells and boosts the immune system.

Let’s get started tomorrow?

What do you think?

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