Our tips for applying makeup when wearing glasses

In order to transform your glasses into a real fashion accessory, we give you 5 tips to combine makeup and glasses.

Adapting your makeup when you wear glasses is not always easy. Near-sighted, far-sighted or presbyopic, make it easier for yourself by choosing the makeup that suits you.

Adapt and cover

Eyeglasses tend to narrow the eyes, for nearsighted people. On the contrary, some glasses will tend to make a “magnifying glass” effect for hypermetropes or presbyopes for example. To avoid revealing your imperfections, we will opt for concealer that we will apply just after the foundation. Gently apply a concealer stick, liquid or a touch of radiance under your dark circles, fine lines and eye contours. Opt for a shade lighter than your skin tone to bring light and camouflage the “trace” of glasses. Tip: once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, spray your face with a moisturizing spray to set the makeup.

Amplify your eyes

Our mascara, our best ally. Indeed, to amplify your eyes you need a good mascara. We advise you to curl your lashes before applying it, in particular to avoid possible black traces on the glasses… Moreover, choose a mascara with lengthening effect which dries quickly. Waterproof mascara should be avoided if you don’t want to leave residues that are difficult to remove! Tip: Apply your mascara exclusively to your upper lashes.

Focus on our eyes

For nearsighted people, apply makeup to the eyes to enlarge the look. Indeed, your eyes appear smaller, so we will choose to put a line of eyeliner that highlights the eye. To sublimate the glance but to avoid the effect zoom, one opts for a sober make-up with nude shades. Then, we mark the mobile eyelid of a brown to accentuate the hollow. Tip: if your frames are colored and vivid, opt for natural and delicate colors. On the contrary, if they are classic or black, you can dare to use color!

The lipstick

It diverts attention from our eyes, the lipstick is a beauty often neglected. However, lipstick brings color for a sparkling mouth. Lively, we opt for shades such as carmine, burgundy or coral. On the contrary if our make-up is already well marked, one prefers a transparent or brilliant gloss. For a successful trompe l’oeil!

Eyebrows with hair

Eternally forgotten, eyebrows draw the eye to your eyes. First, pluck them with tweezers. Then, brush them until you have the perfect shape. Finally, frame your shape with a beveled brush that you have previously pigmented with a slightly darker shade. Not to neglect them is very important, our eyebrows guarantee us a delicate and neat look. Finally, we prefer off-white or beige eyeshadow just below the eyebrows, to sublimate this area to the end.

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