Why should we (really) do nothing on weekends to be happy and satisfied ?

What if the key to happiness was simply to do nothing on weekends, and to take advantage of these two weekly “off” days to recharge your batteries and your mind? Praise (and methodology) of lazy and fundamentally happy weekends.

Every Friday, you look forward to finally having a weekend to (finally) enjoy your friends, party or indulge in your favorite hobbies? According to Katrina Onstad, journalist and author of “Lazy Weekend, Happy Weekend “, you might be wrong. According to her, the two “off” days of the weekend should be devoted to relearning how to (really) do nothing in order to reconnect with yourself.

What do your weekends look like?

Right now, weekends are an opportunity for many people to boost their social lives by honoring brunch invitations, geo-locate to the latest trendy tea shop to feed their Instagram account, or keep their good resolutions by indulging in one (or more) gym session(s), when they don’t have to drive halfway across the Ile-de-France to visit their in-laws or prepare the papier-mâché decorations for the youngest daughter’s birthday. Exhausting.

For author Katrina Onstad, “it doesn’t take scientific studies to see that this pressure isn’t doing us any good. Not to mention that “for most employees today, the work week has no clear beginning or end,” she writes. Indeed, it is not uncommon to dare to read one’s e-mails, to deal with emergencies or to prepare one’s list of tasks to be done on Monday morning as early as Sunday evening.

Praise for laziness

If Katrina Onstad innovates by giving back its letters of nobility to the weekend, her praise of laziness finally joins the “slow life” phenomenon which plebiscites the return to time, to relaxation and to disconnected life. Principles of life and general well-being that can be found in other trends such as JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) or in foreign arts of living, praised as a magical recipe for happiness, such as the now famous Hygge.

Lazing around allows the mind to free itself and reconnect with the body. More than appeasement, laziness almost naturally leads to boredom, which in turn allows us to develop our creativity, but also to let go and to take stock of our thoughts and aspirations. A real invitation to an inner journey that allows us to reset the meter to zero, to start the next week on the right foot.

Two days to recharge your batteries

If some studies and experts recommend reducing the work week to three days to allow everyone to benefit from two days for their personal projects while keeping their weekend, it is because these two short days that conclude each week are essential to balance and fulfillment.

The fact of devoting the two days of the weekend to the recharging of its interior batteries is necessary. The body and mind need these 48 hours to recharge, to get out of their state of stress and to reconnect with each other. To do this, Katrina Onstad recommends letting go of your children (if you have any), turning to nature by going for a walk or going to the countryside and not neglecting the (galvanizing) power of the beauty of works of art (photos, paintings, sculptures, films, etc.).

How to make a success of your lazy weekend?

Once the benefits of lazy weekends have been demonstrated, all that remains is to gather the ingredients so that your weekends become real moments of relaxation. If there is no miracle recipe – since each person has his own way of functioning and therefore his own method to relax – some points are common to all.

Rely on the power of nature

Relaxing in the middle of nature has multiple benefits and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and the calm that comes with it. Sea, mountain, forest … or even parks (and gardens for the less courageous): whatever the case, you should go green, even for an afternoon.

Drop your phone

There are different techniques to learn to let go of your phone. Whichever one you adopt, you should try not to use your smartphone (too much) during the weekend, it is quite present during the week.

Stop anticipating everything

To do lists are good… but not on weekends! You have to free yourself from your mental load, at least on weekends, and stop anticipating everything. It is necessary to calm your mind.


Board games, family escape games … playing is one of the most liberating activities (and as a bonus, it makes beautiful memories).

to free up space

In the tradition of KonMari methods, the powers of minimalism are now well known. So, we rely on less is more to be able to rest (without having to systematically tidy up) and to free up space in our home and in our minds.

Start again

Last point and perhaps the most important: you have to start this program again weekend after weekend, to really benefit from the properties of lazy weekends and finally find balance in your life.

To go further, “Week-end laesseux, week-end heureux” by Katrina Onstad, Ed. First, 16,95

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